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Announcement on New Oz Superdraw Schedules...
David Johnston
David Johnston Jr. is the Australian Lottery Prize Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents, and handles entries for the Australian Lotto and the Australian Superdraw.  
By David Johnston
Published on June 19, 2008
We've just received word that the July 26 Oz Superdraw has been moved to August 23, 2008. The guaranteed minimum Jackpot is 19,000,000.

Besides the August 23 draw, there are two more huge Oz Superdraws to look forward to this year: the November 1st Superdraw with a minimum Jackpot of 20 Million, and the much-awaited Year-End "Mega Superdraw" which has been set for January 3, 2009. 

This special draw boasts of a guaranteed 30 million minimum Jackpot, however given the recent record-breaking prizes in Australian Lottery, there's a possibility that the January Oz Superdraw will also exceed past record prizes.

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