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Oz Super 7 to Offer $40 Million Jackpot on July 15
David Johnston
David Johnston Jr. is the Australian Lottery Prize Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents, and handles entries for the Australian Lotto and the Australian Superdraw.  
By David Johnston
Published on July 8, 2008

OZ Lotto Super 7 is offering another $40 million jackpot on Tuesday, July 15th  – barely three months after setting a new payout record.

On April 29, the record $$47,983,885.88 Oz Lotto jackpot was won by two lucky players from Sydney.

The first winner was a young man from Cabramatta who "showed remarkable composure” upon claiming his $23,991,942.94 share of the jackpot. The second winning entry was purchased from Chester Hill News Agency and belongs to a syndicate of 16 laboratory workers based in Western Sydney who entered the big draw on a spur of the moment decision.

Days before the April Oz7 record draw, lotto fever gripped Australia as residents lined up to try for the $40 million jackpot – still one of the biggest Division One prize draws in Australia's lottery history.

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