Another OSA Raffle has come and gone, and the results of the September 1, 2008 Italian Superenalotto Raffle are out! 

Congratulations to our 10 newest winners:

  • Adam S. from London, UK
  • John V.  from Quebec, CA
  • Loren K. from Auckland, NZ
  • Yule B. from Dubai, UAE
  • Anton S. from Pretoria, SA        
  • Laura R. from Toronto, CA
  • Patrick C. from Surrey, UK
  • Nicolai B.  from Perth, AU
  • Angela G. from Victoria, CA
  • Paula F.  from Brisbane, AU

Winners, please expect a call from an OSA Representative within 24 hours  to confirm the details of your free Italian Lotto subscription.

Talk about perfect timing! Italian Superenalotto  is currently at its highest Jackpot this year - EUR 55 Million on Thursday, September 4. So, I wish all the OSA Raffle winners the very best of luck! As for the rest of us… we can still play for a chance to win Italian Lotto’s biggest prize payout (thus far) for 2008.

To play the Italian Superenalotto, visit