The Euro Millions - UK Millionaire Raffle will create 50 new millionaires in less than 30 days via two very special raffle draws!

The Millionaires Month commences on Friday, November 25, where instead of just one winner in the Euro Millions – UK Millionaire Raffle - 18 individual raffle winners will be awarded £1,000,000!

The succeeding four Friday draws will each have one Euro Millions – UK Raffle winner. However, the really big event will be on Friday, December 23, where a total of 25 individual Millionaire raffle winners will be drawn!

All in all, the Millionaires Month will create 50 instant millionaires! The best part is that these same raffle millionaires could be the next big winner of the Euro Millions Jackpot!

More Chances to Win Millions...

The add-on Millionaire Raffle is drawn every week in the UK before the main Euro Millions draw. The prize is £1 Million, and is guaranteed to be won by someone every week.

To enter, your Euro Millions ticket must be purchased in the UK. The entry costs a little more than in other countries, but each ticket will automatically include an extra raffle number unique to that ticket only.

The Millionaires Month Will Make 50 New Millionaires Before the End of 2011...Secure Your Entry TODAY!