On the 2nd week of our 20-Year Anniversary Countdown sale, we're offering a a 20% discount on what are undoubtedly the two most enormous prize draws in the world:  

1. Spain's El Gordo Draw will be offering over 2.3 BLN Euros in the Navidad (Christmas) Draw to be held on December 22nd.

"El Gordo", which means " the Fat One ," is the name given to Spain's richest National Lottery. El Gordo holds 6 Major Draws each year - in January, March, May, July, November and December - and pays out close to EUR4 Billion! in cash prizes-making it the richest lottery in the world!  

The total cash payout for the December 22, 2008 El Gordo is a whopping 2.3 BLN Euros to be divided among 13,334 winners - the first prize alone is EUR 585 million!

2. Japan's Year-End Jumbo Draw will be paying out a total of 100 BLN Yen (about USD 925M) on December 31st.

With winning odds of 1 in 9, and a total cash payout reaching over $2 Billion, the Japan Jumbo Draw is undoubtedly the richest Lottery draw in Asia. And, up until recently, it's a draw very few people outside Japan ever have the chance to win.

Tickets in Japan's Jumbo Draws are sold exclusively by the Mizuho Bank for a limited time period before each draw. And because the Draws are so popular, Ticket sales stop as soon as all Tickets are sold… often before the announced sales period is over.

Get in now, before the 20% discount on these incredible draws expires on September 21.  

Your entry pages await at: www.osalottos.com.