There was NO jackpot winner in the February 4th Italian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 01-17-30-43-67-82 and Jolly Number 02.

The Italian Lotto Jackpot on Tuesday, February 7th is now estimated at EU 60.9 Million.

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About Italian SuperEnalotto

The Italian SuperEnalotto is a modified version of the glorious Enalotto of the 1950s. Re-launched in 1997, the formula's simplicity and number of record-breaking wins has made the lottery so popular that Italians reportedly spend over 27 Billion a year on lottery play.

To play the Italian Superenalotto, you must choose 6 numbers from 1-90. Match all six numbers and you win the JACKPOT. Because the number range is so wide (1-90) roll-over draws - and HUGE jackpots - are very common.

This year alone, the Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot has surpassed the 100 Million Euro threshold twice and reached a record-high of EU147.8 Million. Currently having the highest pot in Europe and the world, its jackpot continues to grow as more people try their luck at the enormous jackpot prize!

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