On behalf of the entire OSA Staff, we’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our 20-Year Anniversary promo! We hope you enjoyed the great discount offers. 

Just visit www.OSARaffle.com for details on the November raffle. And, as promised, here are the lucky winners of 20 Apple iPHONES.

Congratulations to Our OSA 20-Year Anniversary Raffle Winners:

  • James T. from Manchester, UK
  • Marc W.  from Halifax, CA
  • Ethan S. from Auckland, NZ
  • Mehmet B. from Istanbul, TR
  • Mariam K. from Port Elizabeth, SF        
  • Nathan P. from Montreal, CA
  • Matthias C. from Valparaiso, CL
  • Dylan T. from Liverpool, UK
  • Benjamin C.  from Adelaide, AU
  • Victoria G. from Cape Breton, CA
  • Lily V.  from Sydney, AU
  • Logan A. from New Brunswick, CA
  • Liam N from Charlottetown, CA
  • Ruby R. from Nottingham, UK
  • Margrit V. from Geneva, CH
  • Jack T. from Southampton, UK
  • Lukas G. from Frankfurt, DE
  • Mikkel H. from Oslo, NO
  • Amira B. from Jibuti, DJ
  • Aiden J. from Monte Carlo, MC

Winners, please expect a call from an OSA Representative within 24 hours to confirm your mailing address.