If you are looking to take home a massive fortune you have come to the right lottery because the EuroJackpot lot is an easy €10 million, which gets carried over to the next draw if there are no winning tickets for the current draw. This process can be repeated nine times, which means at any given chance you can take home a stellar €90 million!

The Eurojackpot draw recognizes the need for giving more prizes which is why there are select consolation prizes for tickets who wish to match a portion of the winning combination, based on the number of matched numbers they have obtained per lotto entry. The more combinations one bets on, the higher chances they get of catching a selection that matches a part of the winning combination! The winning prizes for consolation winners are computed from the current jackpot prize and the number of qualified winners for the winning draw.

Each EuroJackpot lottery draw is held on Fridays with the flagship draw taking place on the 23rd of March, 2012. For those lottery hopefuls who live outside of these locations, there is some good news. Tickets sales via Overseas Subscribers Agents will soon be available, and we'll keep you posted for more details.