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EUR 135,000,000 Euro Millions Jackpot plus 100 New Millionaires
Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts is the Special Events Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents, and handles all of OSA's promotional activities, including the OSA Raffle.

By Caroline Roberts
Published on July 27, 2012

Happy Friday! It's another big weekend for lottery fans all over the world as we look forward to two massive draws and one very special raffle draw.

Euro Millions is still on a rollover streak, and is offering a massive EUR 135,000 or USD 155 Million on Friday, July 27th. This is one of the highest prizes Euro Millions has offered in recent months. Additionally, the draw has drummed up more excitement because the special 100 millionaires raffle from UK Lotto will take place after that. As you may already know, the UK Lottery has set up a special, one-time-only raffle draw wherein 100 players of the Euro Millions lottery will get a chance to win an extra GBP 1 Million.

The 100 new millionaires will be created to celebrate the efforts of the men and women who worked hard to bring the 2012 London Olympics to the public. This is also London's bid to create the most number of millionaires in one single event.

The next day, Saturday, attention shifts to the American Powerball draw. USD 139 Million is up for grabs on this rollover draw, but fans are hoping that the prize will keep on rolling over until it reaches a really massive jackpot.

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