There was NO jackpot winner in the August 29 Italian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were: 78-28-07-57-44-55 and Jolly Number 14. The Italian Lotto Jackpot on Tuesday, 1st September is now estimated at EU 13.3M.

Italian Superenalotto

The Italian Lotto may be considered as one of the lesser-known European lotteries, but this doesn’t mean that this almost 70-year old draw is not exciting. The Italian SuperEnalotto is a modified version of the glorious Enalotto of the 1950s. Re-launched in 1997, the formula's simplicity and number of record-breaking wins has made the lottery so popular that Italians reportedly spend over 27 Billion a year on lottery play.


To play the Italian Superenalotto, you must choose 6 numbers from 1-90. Match all six numbers and you win the JACKPOT. Because the number range is so wide (1-90) rollover draws and HUGE jackpots - are very common.


The Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot has surpassed the 100 Million Euro threshold twice and reached a record-high of EU147.8 Million. Superenalotto jackpots continue to excite lotto fans who are eager to try their luck at millions!