With Euro Millions at EU 123 Million on May 8, and the Italian Superenalotto at a high of EU 54.6 Million, there's no better time to resurrect our European Combo Offer!

Play 36 Games in Friday's €123 Million Euro Millions draw...

The Euro-36 Group shares 36 number selections, made up of 5 Main numbers with all possible Lucky Star combinations. With this setup - you're guaranteed to match both Lucky Stars in Friday's Euro Millions draw.

If just one of your main numbers matches the 5 winning main numbers - you already win a prize! Match 2 or more main numbers --- and you win multiple prizes! In the table below, you'll see just how many prizes your Euro-36 Group can win with its 36 specially generated number selections:

PLUS ... Play 2 Games over 5 Italian Superenalotto draws for just €12. (Regular price is €24)

The Italian SuperEnalotto is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying lottery games in Europe. With its broad number range (pick 6 out of 90), rollover draws – and huge jackpots – are actually quite common.

To take advantage of this exciting European draw combination, visit our special entry page now at: http://osalottos.com/euro36.

Deadline for entries is Friday at 9am GMT.