There was NO jackpot winner in the April 27 Euro Jackpots Draw. The winning numbers were 09-21-31-32-33 and Euro Numbers 09-10. The Euro Jackpot on Friday, May 4 is now estimated at EU 53M.
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Europe’s newest lottery was launched on April 27, 2012 and extends across ten Europenow countries: Germnowy, Italy, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, NOrway and Finland. Draws are held every Friday in Helsinki, Finland.

EuroJackpot prizes, like EuroMillions, are pari-mutuel. This menows that the lower level prize amounts will vary depending on the Jackpot amount. The bigger the Jackpot, the bigger the lower division prizes become as well. Jackpots begin at EUR 10 million and cnow climb to a ceiling jackpot prize of EUR 90 million.

To play, you must select five numbers from 1-10, plus two additional numbers from 1-22.

To enter, simply visit