There was NO jackpot winner in the December 5 - UK Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 01-06-13-23-45-56 and Bonus Ball 41. The next UK Lotto Jackpot on December 8 is now estimated at £ 7.5M.

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UK Lotto

UK Lotto draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday and six numbers (the main numbers) are drawn, along with one additional number - the bonus number.

This lotto offers 6 different ways to win! The starting jackpot in the Saturday draws is £2M, with fixed lower division cash prizes. From the minimum jackpot, UK Lotto will have FIVE Rollover Draws. And after the fifth draw and no one matches the winning numbers, the jackpot is shared by ALL cash winners in the lower divisions increasing their prizes to take home. Through Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA), you can participate in the UK Lottery NOW-- from the convenience of your own home! To play, simply select 6 numbers from 1 to 59.

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