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Tickets Now Available for Y45 Billion Japan Jumbo Draw
Akihito Hidenori
Akihito Hidenori is the Japan Jumbo Draw Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents.  
By Akihito Hidenori
Published on May 26, 2008
Japanese Lottery Officials have finally released the details of this June's Japan "Dream" Jumbo Draw - and they are staggering as usual, with the total cash payout guaranteed at over 45 Billion Yen (approximately US$438 Million) on June 17, 2008.

Read on to find out how you can get in on this exclusive Asian Superdraw (no matter where in the world you may be), to win one or more of over 35 million tax-free cash prizes on offer...

With a guaranteed cash payout of over 45 Billion Yen, the Japan Dream Jumbo Draw on June 17th isn't just Asia's richest lottery draw --- right now it's it's the biggest prize draw in the WORLD. But it's a Draw very few non-Japanese ever have the chance to play --- much less win.

Tickets in Japan's Dream Jumbo Draw are sold exclusively by the Mizuho Bank for a limited time period (for this year's Dream Jumbo, until June 6th only). And because the Draw is so popular, ticket sales stop as soon as all tickets are sold… often before the announced sales period is over.This naturally leaves little opportunity for foreign players to take part.

If you are lucky enough to be able to obtain tickets from overseas, the possibilities are truly staggering. With over 35 million cash prizes to be paid out, one in every 9 tickets is a winner. And all cash prizes are paid out in a lump sum, completely FREE of Japanese Government taxes.

As an authorized reseller of the Japan Jumbo Draw, OSA holds a block of Dream Jumbo tickets in reserve ... so if you act now, you can enter Asia's richest prize draw from wherever you the world you may live. But please note that tickets for overseas players are limited to only 2,000, and are running out fast.  

To purchase your tickets now for the June 17, 2008 Japan Dream Jumbo, visit http://japanjumbodraw.com.