Play 36 Games in Friday's €77 Million Euro Millions draw...??

The Euro-36 Group shares 36 number selections, made up of 5 Main numbers with all possible Lucky Star combinations. With this setup, you're guaranteed to match both Lucky Stars in Friday's Euro Millions draw.  ??If just one of your main numbers matches the 5 winning main numbers - you already win a prize! Match 2 or more main numbers --- and you win multiple prizes!

In the table below, you'll see just how many prizes your Euro-36 Group can win with its 36 specially generated number selections:

?PLUS ... Play 2 Games over 5 Italian Superenalotto draws for just €12.  (Regular price is  €24)

??The Italian SuperEnalotto is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying lottery games in Europe. With its broad number range (pick 6 out of 90), rollover draws – and huge jackpots – are actually quite common.

This year, the Italian Lotto paid out a record €147 Million on August 22nd (one of the highest European jackpot payouts in history) and with the current jackpot standing at  €77.7 Million, it looks as if another huge payout is coming up soon!??

To take advantage of this exciting European draw combination, visit our special entry page now.  Deadline for entries is Friday at 9am GMT.