The Italian SuperEnalotto is a modified version of the glorious Enalotto of the 1950s. Re-launched in 1997, the formula's simplicity and number of record-breaking wins has made it so popular that Italians reportedly spend over 27 Billion a year to play.

This has been a record year for the Italian Superenalotto Rollovers which soared to EU147m in August. December could be YOUR month ... rollover is up at EU104.7m!

“The winning Superenalotto ticket - worth 146.9m euros (£128.3m; $211.8m) - was bought in a coffee bar in Bagnone, a Tuscan village of 2,000 people.

There had been no winner since January, leading to mounting lottery fever, with people from around Europe travelling to Italy to buy tickets.” (

This December, the amount awaiting its lucky winner is as high as EU102m! GO FOR IT!

Play the Italian Superenalotto for 3 weekly chances to win up to EU100m or more! Draws are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.