We recently received a call from a client who had received an email from a certain Alan Peter Stolt who claimed to be an affiliate of Overseas Subscribers Agents. The email informed him of the following:
  • That he had won at a lottery
  • That in order to collect his prize money, he would have to pay US$500 (sadly, he did).
PLEASE BEWARE! Neither Overseas Subscribers Agents nor any of its affiliates will EVER ask you for a fee in order to claim your prize. Never ever!

Scammers will use other names, but we ask you to take note of this scammer’s name and contact details:
Alan Peter Stolt
104 Victoria Road
London UK NW13AN
Tels: 011 44787 6531972 and 011 44779 6670739

If you have any doubts as to whether an email you received is a scam or not, PLEASE CONTACT US on the 24 Hour Helpdesk or email us at scamwatch@osalottos.com