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14 Winners Share May 31 Oz Superdraw Jackpot
David Johnston
David Johnston Jr. is the Australian Lottery Prize Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents, and handles entries for the Australian Lotto and the Australian Superdraw.  
By David Johnston
Published on May 31, 2008
I once said that the Australian Lottery was probably the easiest to win (compared to other Pick-6 lottos).  I wasn't kidding. 

The May 31 Australian Lottery Superdraw results are out --- and FOURTEEN players matched all 6 winning numbers (12-09-45-07-06-32) to share the A$19 Million Jackpot. Another 146 players matched 5 numbers to win second prizes of over $12,000 each. 

The next Oz Superdraw is scheduled for July 26, 2008.