A new web membership feature is now in place at www.osalottos.com --- offering players a faster and more convenient method of playing in their favorite lottery draws.

Why register as a member?
As a registered member of the OSA Lottos website, you can skip the tedious checkout process by storing your address and payment details in our secure database. Each time you place an order, you can just log in and all the usual required form fields will already be filled out for you!

Web members can also view their purchase history and order status, and avail of member-only promos and discounts.

Registration is easy!

1. Direct Registration - Register from the Home Page

Just click the Register button at the top left portion of the OSA Lottos Home page, and a simple registration form will appear.

2. Automatic Registration
Another way to register is just to place an order as you usually would, choosing the "Guest" option on the entry page.

Once you submit your order, you'll be automatically registered as a member. A notification to confirm your membership will be sent you by email.

Membership is optional. If you prefer not to register as a member, simply ignore the email notification.