El Gordo, the world's richest lottery, will be holding another big draw on July 5th 2008!

The total prize pool is €140,000,000, with €20 Million reserved for first prize. Each Ticket holds a 1-in-3 chance of winning one - or more - of over 37,000 cash prizes.

As you may already know, El Gordo works like a regular sweepstakes draw.  Tickets are individually numbered and sold in tenths or decimas, (the complete decima receives the full value of any prize won - so if you own just one ticket, you only get a tenth of the prize.) which is why it's common practice among the Spanish to pool money together to buy a decima then just split the winnings afterwards.

For the longest time, El Gordo tickets have been sold exclusively in Spain. However, with subscription services like OSA, overseas players who want a piece of the action can order Tickets well in advance of the scheduled El Gordo Draws.

Reserve your Tickets now at  http://el-gordo.com!