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Irish Lotto Draw: EU 12M Jackpot on January 20

There was NO jackpot winner in the 16th January Irish Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 14-18-25-27-33-44 and Bonus Ball 38.

The Irish Lotto Jackpot on Wednesday, January 20th is an estimated EU 12M.

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There was NO jackpot winner in the August 1 Euro Jackpot draw. The winning numbers were 05-18-33-38-47 and Euro Numbers 03-06.

The Euro Jackpot on Friday, August 8th is now estimated at EU 26M.

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The craziest and biggest jackpot in history of American lotto was won last Friday in the Mega Millions draw with three states holding a winning ticket each. It was a great day for the winners from Kansas, Maryland and Illinois who will be splitting the six hundred and fifty six million dollar jackpot three-ways.

There was no jackpot winner in the July 22nd USA Powerball draw.  The winning numbers were 04-06-16-22-32 and Powerball 11. The Jackpot for the Saturday, July 25th draw is an estimated US$88 million!

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UK Lottery Rollover: GBP2.8M Jackpot on Wed. July 15

There were two jackpot winners in the July 11th UK Lottery draw.  The winning numbers were 4-6-10-28-35-39 and Bonus Ball 8.

The UK Lottery Jackpot on Wednesday, July 15th is now estimated at GBP 2.8 Million.

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There was NO Jackpot winner in the Thursday, July 9th, Italian Superenalotto draw. The winning numbers were 07-29-57-60-79-87 and Jolly Number 84.

The Italian Lotto Jackpot on Saturday, July 11th is now estimated at EU 91.2 Million.

Play Italian Lotto.

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