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Overseas Subscribers Agents has been entering players into overseas Government Lotteries, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1988. Over 150,000 international players have taken advantage of this service, and many still continue to enter their favorite Lotteries through the services of OSA.

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For the update on the latest winning results for the March 16 Euro Jackpot lotto draw, here is the winning number combination: 04-27-37-48-49 and Euro Numbers 03-04. Since there was NO top prize winne...
USA Powerball is still rising... Once again, there were no first division winners in the March 14th USA Powerball draw, so the next draw on Saturday, March 17 will be offering an enormous US$455 Milli...
The Wednesday, March 14 draw results for UK Lottery are out! Winning numbers are: 07-19-38-45-47-53 and Bonus Ball 15. You may view the full results at:
NO winning ticket has been awarded the top prize of: EU 4.5M from the last Irish Lottery draw on Wednesday, March 14. You can have a shot at winning the next top prize by securing your entry for...
The latest draw results for the USA MegaMillions on Tuesday, March 13 are in! The winning numbers drawn are: 06-30-58-60-61 and Mega Ball 17. There was NO jackpot prize winner, so the top priz...
Good News! The Euromillions Draw for Tuesday, March 13 has been completed with the winning numbers: 09-11-13-33-49 and Lucky Stars 06-12! The winning combination was matched, which makes the inc...
Results are out for the March 10 USA Powerball draw, and the winning numbers are 43-44-54-61-69 and Powerball 22. There was NO jackpot winner in this draw, so the first division prize on March ...
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have the results for the previous UK draw this March 10,2018 and we are glad to let you know that ONE (1) LUCKY player got the winning combination 03-07-36-42-53-59...
Almost! The current Irish draw last March 10,2018 that has a winning combination: 12-27-30-33-38-40 and Bonus Ball 34 got NO jackpot winner/s. This means, you have a chance to WIN a ...
The results for the March 9 USA Megamillions draw are as follows: 07-17-18-46-66 and Mega Ball 22 with a US$ 290M top prize garnered NO winning ticket. Play the next draw by clicking on www.osalottos....
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