David Johnston

David Johnston Jr. is the Australian Lottery Prize Coordinator for Overseas Subscribers Agents, and handles entries for the Australian Lotto and the Australian Superdraw.
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There were three jackpot winners in the Saturday, April 4th Australian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 1-8-34-37-38-42 and Supplementaries 23-40.

The jackpot resets to AU$4 Million on Saturday April 11 draw.

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This Saturday, March 28, the Australian Lottery Superdraw will pay out a guaranteed minimum Jackpot of AU$20M, plus hundreds of lower division cash prizes.


There were FIVE jackpot winners in the March 21st Australian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 03-29-13-18-38-19 and Supplementaries 12 and 09.

The Australian Lotto Jackpot on Saturday, March 28th is now estimated at AU 4 Million.

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4 Winners in Australian Lottery

There were FOUR jackpot winners in the March 14th Australian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 20-17-06-41-38-26 and Supplementaries 13-03.

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There were EIGHT jackpot winners in the February 21st Australian Lotto draw. The winning numbers were 17-33-13-26-10-08 and Supplementaries 06-35.

To enter, simply visit our website www.osalottos.com

Oz Super 7 at $40 Million on February 10

The Oz Lotto Super 7 will be paying out a first prize of AUD 40 Million on Tuesday, February 10. This is one of the highest prize amounts ever offered by this draw - so if you'd like more info (or to enter online), go to: www.australianlotto.com/super7  

The Australian Lottery will be holding another Superdraw on Saturday, November 1st. The guaranteed minimum jackpot is Aus$20 million.

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Four winners shared the record-breaking AUD $52,741,092.08 Super 7 Jackpot on Tuesday, July 22.   The winning numbers were 40, 33, 05, 44, 16, 17, 03 and supplementary numbers 31 & 07.   In total, over a million players were winners in the July 22 Super 7, each taking a share of the AUD $74,130,366.98 prize pool.

The Australian Lottery is having a record Jackpot sweep this year! No entries matched the seven winning numbers - 28-05-04-01-12-44-15 and Supplementaries 02-38 - in the July 15th Oz Super 7 draw, so the next jackpot on Tuesday, July 22nd will be $50 million --- its second record-breaking Jackpot prize in just three months!

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Oz Super 7 to Offer $40 Million Jackpot on July 15

OZ Lotto Super 7 is offering another $40 million jackpot on Tuesday, July 15th  – barely three months after setting a new payout record.

On April 29, the record $$47,983,885.88 Oz Lotto jackpot was won by two lucky players from Sydney.

The first winner was a young man from Cabramatta who "showed remarkable composure” upon claiming his $23,991,942.94 share of the jackpot. The second winning entry was purchased from Chester Hill News Agency and belongs to a syndicate of 16 laboratory workers based in Western Sydney who entered the big draw on a spur of the moment decision.

Days before the April Oz7 record draw, lotto fever gripped Australia as residents lined up to try for the $40 million jackpot – still one of the biggest Division One prize draws in Australia's lottery history.

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