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    I am pleased to announce the winner of the June 2008 OSA Raffle:

    Congratulations to Jens Huegerich of Frankfurt - who won 100 FREE Tickets for the €140,000,000 El Gordo Draw this Saturday!

    For those of you who'd still like to purchase tickets, we still have a few available.  The odds are 1-in-3, and there are over 37,000 cash prizes to be won - so if you're interested, please read on! 

    OSA Raffle Winner! Ben Joseph of HK Wins 100 Japan Dream Jumbo Tickets!

    Our warmest congratulations go out to our newest OSA Raffle winner - Mr. Ben Joseph from Hong Kong!  Mr. Joseph has won 100 free tickets for the June 17, 2008 Japan "Dream" Jumbo Draw.   

    The next OSA Raffle will be for 100 tickets for the July El Gordo Draw, so please watch out for details, which we'll be posting soon at www.osaraffle.com!

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