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    The 27th of July is going to be a red letter day for both the Olympic world and the lottery world. Euro Millions and UK Millionaire Raffle will cause quite a commotion for many ticket holders as 100 lucky hopefuls will end the day as brand new millionaires.

    The Special Euro Millions - UK Millionaire Raffle Draw is set to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, with the draw being done in the latter part of the evening as a cap off point of the event. July 27 will be a hallmark date, with 100 lucky lottery players vying their luck for a stellar one million pounds each. This momentous occasion is credited to the considerable effort of thousands of UK citizens who worked hard to raise an impressive amount in honor of the Olympic Paralympic Games.

    To celebrate the recent record-breaking Mega Millions lottery win, OSA is offering subscriptions to USA Mega Jackpots at a substantial discount.

    With a USA Mega Jackpots subscription, you're entered in USA Powerball and Mega Millions draws only when the first division prize reaches $50 million or higher. This way you save time and money playing only when draws are at their highest.

    This limited offer expires at 11:59 pm GMT on April 4th.

    Eurojackpot is the most talked about lottery craze that is being launched this Friday in nine countries namely Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Iceland and Slovenia.

    Eurojackpot takes its beat from the highly celebrated platform of the EuroMillions draw. Each lotto hopeful is required to pick out five numbers from a range of one to fifty and two numbers that come from one to eight. For a player to win the grand lot it’s important to match all of the seven numbers, which may sound difficult but is actually mathematically easier with the number combination presented in the EuroJackpot draw selection. Compared to the EuroMillions lottery draw the odds of winning at the EuroJackpot are exponentially higher.

    As Part Two of our Valentine's offers, we have another discounted combo for you this week...

    From today until February 27, 2012, you can get 50% off on an Italian subscription when you take a EuroMillions subscription over a period of 5 draws.

    If you'd like to take advantage of this offer and subscribe at our reduced prices, just order your discounted subscription online at http://osalottos.com/eucombo

    OSA Welcomes the Year of the Water Dragon!

    Chinese astrologers have been waiting for the Year of the Water Dragon with much anticipation. Being the symbol of power and good fortune in Chinese astrology, it is the only mythical animal attributed with wealth, virtue, longevity and harmony.

    On January 23, OSA joins in the celebration of the Chinese New Year by giving out FREE personalized “Year of the Dragon” Luck and Prosperity Forecasts. We’ll also be giving out exclusive deals and discounts to welcome the Year of the Water Dragon.

    Now you can play eight of the world's biggest lottery draws for an entire month – without spending a lot!

    Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) is proud to introduce its newest offer: The Billionaire Series. This exciting new game lets you play every single draw of today's most massive-paying lotteries with a group of no more than 30 players.

    Play the Billionaire Series now, and you can maximize your chances of winning a big chunk of at least US$ 16,447,282,592 - the MINIMUM amount paid out by these 8 giant lotteries each year!

    Your Group participates in every draw of these lottos for a whole month:

    The Euro Millions - UK Millionaire Raffle will create 50 new millionaires in less than 30 days via two very special raffle draws!

    The Millionaires Month commences on Friday, November 25, where instead of just one winner in the Euro Millions – UK Millionaire Raffle - 18 individual raffle winners will be awarded £1,000,000!

    The succeeding four Friday draws will each have one Euro Millions – UK Raffle winner. However, the really big event will be on Friday, December 23, where a total of 25 individual Millionaire raffle winners will be drawn!

    All in all, the Millionaires Month will create 50 instant millionaires! The best part is that these same raffle millionaires could be the next big winner of the Euro Millions Jackpot!

    OSA's Euro Millions players now have an extra chance to win £1,000,000.00 each week!

    Every Friday in the UK, a Millionaire Raffle draw is held before the main Euro Millions draw. The Euro Millions player holding the winning raffle ticket becomes an instant millionaire! Find out more...

    A new web membership feature is now in place at www.osalottos.com --- offering customers a faster and more convenient method of playing their favorite lottery draws.

    With Halloween coming up and two of Europe's biggest Lottery draws --- Euro Millions and the Italian Superenalotto --- offering immense jackpots this week, we reckon it's time for a bit of treat.

    Take an Italian lotto subscription at 50% off when you join a Euro-36 Group for the October 30, 2009 Euro Millions draw! Read on for more details...

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