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Group of 52 won $1.3M in the Powerball Lottery

When he took over his Los Angeles structural engineering firm, John "Trainer" Martin said jokingly to his employees of his first rule : "There will be no office pools that I'm not part of!"

Last February 7, he and his Associates won $1,388,464 in the Powerball Lottery.

He confesses that he didn't know that they won until he was on his way to work 2 days later. His assistant told him, when she got into the car. Trainer was carpooling with his assistant.

The jackpot will be split up among his 52 co-workers and each will receive $27,000 before taxes.

The group bought their winning ticket at Big Mac's Liquor in Los Angeles (Silver Lake).

Retiree wins $1M in the MegaMillions

Gloria Swanigan won $1,092,958 in the Mega Millions draw last March 10th.

A resident of San Pedro, she bought her winning ticket at the 7-Eleven in San Pedro, LA County.

She was checking if her separation check from the employer she'd retired from January had been deposited in her bank account. When she saw that it hadn't been deposited, she remembered to check her MegaMillions.

Suddenly that $7,000 vacation check didn’t seem quite as important! “It took my mind off a whole lot,” said Swanigan who admits to battling nervous excitement. “It seems so surreal. Now I just daydream what I’m going to do with the money!”

She hopes to pay off the mortgage on a condo she bought in 2007, planning a cruise to Mexico and Central American in August. “There’s a million things I can do with the money,” laughed the 66 year old.

Melbourne Syndicate scoops $1.4M in the Australian Lottery

A syndicate based in the Melbourne suburb of Belgrave won more that $1.4 million in the Australian Lottery's draw of March 14th.

The winning ticket was bought in Mountain Gate Newsagency in Ferntree Gully.

“It’s so unbelievable! We’re still in shock!” the syndicate leader exclaimed.

“One of the syndicate members checked our entry on Saturday night and telephoned me quite late to say that she was certain we had five winning numbers!

“I firstly asked her if she was sure because she has been wrong in the past before I got out of bed to check our numbers.

“When I checked our ticket I discovered we didn’t have five winning numbers, we had all six!

“We both telephoned all the other syndicate members and got them out of bed with the good news. We didn’t get much sleep after that!

“It’s too early to say what everyone will do with their share of the windfall but for me it’ll make a huge difference. I love to travel so this prize money will give me the opportunity to do more of it.”

Dad and 2 sons win $1M in the Powerball Lottery

Vasiliy Sholokhov and his sons won $1M on the Powerball draw last February 28th.

They bought their ticket at Monument Wines and Spirits in Concord. They correctly matched all five main numbers but missed the Powerball.

“We thought it was less than that,” Danil said. “It was a surprise – a big surprise!” “I think we were in shock for a few days. We’re still in shock,” Danil said. His younger brother agrees. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” Vitaliy said.

They plan on using their money to pay off large debts, primarily mortgages and have already decisions in mind for the rest.

$2M Powerball winner will go fishing

David Vaughan won $1 Million in the Powerball Draw last March 4th and because of Power Play, his winnings was doubled to $2M.

The man from Fork Union didn't realize that he won. When he saw on TV that someone had won $2M bought in Palmyra, he thought, "isn't it that amazing?"

When he learned that he won, he didn't tell anyone at first and told his wife the next morning.

He bought his winning ticket at E.W. Thomas Grocery in Palmyra.

He plans on going fishing but he's not telling where.

Darwin family scoops $2M in the Australian Lottery

A Darwin family won $2,146,570.61 in the Australian Lottery's Draw of March 7th.

The winning ticket was bought from Bardens Pharmacy in Darwin.

“I actually checked our TattsLotto ticket on Sunday morning. When I saw that we had the first three winning numbers I got quite excited.

“So I quickly kept checking our ticket and found the other three winning numbers in the same game and couldn’t believe it!

“I got pretty emotional and my wife cried when I told her we’d won!

“This is a big surprise so we’re not sure what we’ll do with our TattsLotto prize money. At this stage, we’ll put it in the bank and have a think about it.”

Syndicate scoops 1st prize in the Australian Lottery

A store syndicate from Melbourne suburb of Sunshine North won the $862, 236.02 Australian Lottery's Draw of February 28th.

Mike and Chris Smith are the owners of the 11-share syndicate called Sunny Lotto, started the group around 10 years ago.

“It’s so fantastic! The syndicate members I’ve spoken with have been in a daze! Some of them even asked me if I was joking when I told them the great news,” Mrs Smith said.

Some of them will use their share to pay off their bills to take the pressure off.

Valentine's Day Millionaire in the Australian Lotto Superdraw

A couple from Victoria won $2,222,222 in the Australian Lottery draw last February 14.

They were one of the 9 winners of the Australian Superdraw last Valentine's Day.

The couple said they'll pay off their debts before considering carefully what they'll do with the rest of their prize money.

The ticket was bought in Slade's Hamilton Newsagency and Lotto in Hamilton.

$2.1M winner in the Australian Lottery bough in Epsom

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, won first division prize of $2,146,470.27 in the Australian Lottery draw last February 21.

The ticket was bought in Epsom Lotto and Gifts. This is the second big win in less than five months for them. Chris Trowell, Epsom's owner was over the moon about these winnings.

“We’re really excited and quite stunned that we’ve now had two division one winning tickets in the 10 months since we opened the store!” Mr Trowell said.

“Now we’re really hoping for a hat trick by the time we celebrate our outlet’s first birthday!

“We’d like to congratulate our customer and wish them all the best for the future as a new multi-millionaire!”

Man Finds Out He’s a Millionaire While Buying Valentine's Surprise

Bill Deluca won second prize in the Mega Millions draw last February 13.

While buying flowers for his wife of 41 years, he had his tickets checked. He knew that he won something and went straight home and had his wife checked the Lottery's website.

Deluca says he will not retire from his construction maintenance job yet but will use the prize as a pension. He will continue to play and hopes to win again.

He bought his winning ticket at the Ice Bucket III/Chevron in Coalinga (Fresno County).
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