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Valentine's Day Millionaire in the Australian Lotto Superdraw

A couple from Victoria won $2,222,222 in the Australian Lottery draw last February 14.

They were one of the 9 winners of the Australian Superdraw last Valentine's Day.

The couple said they'll pay off their debts before considering carefully what they'll do with the rest of their prize money.

The ticket was bought in Slade's Hamilton Newsagency and Lotto in Hamilton.

$2.1M winner in the Australian Lottery bough in Epsom

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, won first division prize of $2,146,470.27 in the Australian Lottery draw last February 21.

The ticket was bought in Epsom Lotto and Gifts. This is the second big win in less than five months for them. Chris Trowell, Epsom's owner was over the moon about these winnings.

“We’re really excited and quite stunned that we’ve now had two division one winning tickets in the 10 months since we opened the store!” Mr Trowell said.

“Now we’re really hoping for a hat trick by the time we celebrate our outlet’s first birthday!

“We’d like to congratulate our customer and wish them all the best for the future as a new multi-millionaire!”

Man Finds Out He’s a Millionaire While Buying Valentine's Surprise

Bill Deluca won second prize in the Mega Millions draw last February 13.

While buying flowers for his wife of 41 years, he had his tickets checked. He knew that he won something and went straight home and had his wife checked the Lottery's website.

Deluca says he will not retire from his construction maintenance job yet but will use the prize as a pension. He will continue to play and hopes to win again.

He bought his winning ticket at the Ice Bucket III/Chevron in Coalinga (Fresno County).

Salesman wins second prize in the Powerball Lottery

Raul Bernal correctly matched all five main numbers and missed the Powerball and won $1,428,692 in the Powerball Lottery draw last February 11.

The 59-year old bought his winning ticket at a 7-Eleven in Cypress (Orange County).

The salesman at a lumber company was on his way to work when he learned that he won. He actually continued to work that day and tried to put it out of his mind. He left the ticket in his car and parked his car in front of the office. He only told his wife when he got home.

“I guess I was in shock,” Susan explained. “I’m still in shock!” The couple have yet to determine how they will spend their money. No plans yet on quitting their job, but says this does help put them at ease. It gives them a sense of security for retirement.

Second Try wins $1M Powerball prize

Hector Carrera won $1,428,692 second prize in the Powerball Lottery last February 11th draw.

A long time California Lottery player correctly matched all five main numbers but missed the Powerball. He bought his winning ticket at Pop Top Market & Liquor in San Leandro (Alameda County).

Choosing random numbers and Quick Pick tickets hadn't worked for Hector, so he decided to use the birth dates of his daughers. It is his second try using those numbers.

Hector and his wife are planning on using their prize winnings to buy a bigger house and to pay off some bills.

New Year, new numbers lead her to $1M Powerball prize

A mother of two from Sykesville won $1M in the Powerball Lottery last January 17 draw.

The 39 year old, bought her winning ticket at Piney Run Liquors in Sykesville. She said that she only started playing her new numbers shortly after the New Year arrived. "New Year, new numbers", she said.

The winner wants to develop a long-term money-management plan and buy a house someday.

Mega & Powerball fans, win $1M in the Powerball Lottery

A couple from Bowie, Maryland won $1M in the February 11 draw of the Powerball Lottery.

They had been fans of Mega Millions and Powerball Lottery, that they buy tickets for each games' four weekly drawings.

Married for 39 years and the wife has retired, the husband will follow suit later this year. “We weren’t sure how everything would work out once we both stopped working,” she said. “This win has answered a lot of questions for us.”

They plan on paying off their debt, help the family and donate to favorite charities. “We have a very happy life. Being able to spread our good fortune around will be wonderful.”

Woman wins first prize in the Australian Lottery

A woman from Kingston is one of the 7 winners of the $4,257,706.60 of the Australian Lottery last February 7.

The winner who wishes to remain anonymous, only learned of her first division prize when a lotto official contacted her.

“I’ve played TattsLotto for years and I think the biggest win I’ve ever had was about $60. This is a lot more than that!

“I’m really looking forward to surprising my family with the news of my first division win.

“I’m not too sure what I’ll use my prize money for – I’ll have to think about it. It will make a huge difference though.”

She bought her winning ticket from Kingston Town Lotto in Kingston.

Not a regular player scoops 2nd Division in the Powerball Lottery

Bob Wolak won second division in the Powerball Lottery draw of February 11.

He bought his ticket right after meeting with his new landlord Mark Dickson who owns the D & D Country Market.

Wolak, not a regular lottery player, bought his ticket only because the Powerball jackpot was so high.

Young Mother Of Four Wins $188 Million Powerball Jackpot!

Marie Holmes is one of the three winners of the $564 Million Jackpot in the Powerball Lottery draw last February 11.

The mother of four will receive $188 million before taxes.

Holmes does not regularly buy lottery tickets, said she was struggling before her win. The 26-year old Wilmington, North Carolina woman has a special needs child with cerebral palsy.

“First I ‘m going to pay my tithes because I wouldn’t have none of it if it wasn’t for God.  After that I’m going to set up accounts for my kids,” she told WGN-TV.   “And when we figure out where we’re going to live, I’m going to buy a house for me and my kids, then make sure my family is all good.”

Holmes, who bought her winning ticket from her uncle was unemployed and looking for a job.

“I am ready for it, ready to embrace the change!  I am very grateful for what is about to happen to my family,” she told WGN-TV.  “Everything is all for them.  My kids can go to college, all on me, and they don’t have to worry about nothing.  My granddaddy, my daddy, my sisters, they don’t have to worry about nothing, we made it”

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