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Winning ticket rubbed with the lucky coin scoops 2nd Division in the UK National Lottery

Sean Lloyd won 2nd prize division in the UK Lottery last January 28th.

The bus driver picked up a shiny coin outside a shop in Oldham, near Manchester, moments before buying his winning ticket. He even rubbed his ticket with the penny for extra good fortune.

The 48-year old, from Asthon-under-Lyne, has handed his notice at work.

Things like this just don't happen to people like me. I just cannot believe it. I have to keep pinching myself and telling myself this is really happening and Melanie (his wife) and I really have won the lottery."

Will Remain Low Key After Winning the Powerball Lottery

Eleanor Avent won $534,961 in the January 24th drawing of the Powerball Lottery.

The winning ticket was bought in Elk Grove (Sacramento County) in Sheldon Road. The ticket correctly matched all five main numbers but missed the Powerball.

Avent said she wished to remain low key about her plans for her newfound fortune.

2nd Prize winner of the Powerball Lottery

Derick "Pete" Blakeney won $1 Million in the Powerball Lottery.

He bought a quick-pick ticket and matched all five main numbers but missed the Powerball.

The 42 year old guy bought his winning ticket at Riverside Travel Center in Pearl River on his way home from Comic Con in New Orleans.

Dreaming of Lucky Numbers in the Powerball Lottery

Keomarit Sengsavang won $534,961 in the Powerball Lottery last January 24th draw.

He correctly matched all five main numbers and missed the Powerball. He bought his winning ticket at the 7- Eleven in San Diego.

He had a dream about the winning numbers about a year ago but the Powerball number is 6 and not the actual 10.

He thought of buying either a new Corvette or BMW but his financial sensibility got the better of him. He says he will most likely put his prize in a savings account.

Yolo County resident scoops 2nd prize in the Powerball Lottery

Ronald Meier won $2,643,793 in the Powerball Lottery last October 29th draw.

He purchased his wining ticket at ARCO ampm in West Sacramento (Yolo County). He correctly matched all five main numbers and missed the Powerball.

“I was always hopeful,” Meier said of playing the lottery. “I always felt a million and a half or two would be perfect. Anything more would be overwhelming.”

It took him so long before claiming his prize as he wanted to make sure he had all of his ducks in a row before claiming it.

North Reading man scoops 2nd Prize in the Powerball Lottery

Joseph Amato, Jr. of North Reading won $2 million in the Powerball Lottery last January 17 draw.

He correctly matched all five main numbers but not the Powerball and opted for a Power Play option thus making the $1M jackpot into $2M.

He bought his winning ticket at Richdale in Wilimington.

With his girlfriend Rose Sylvain, they claimed the prize at Massachussets Lottery HQ.

He plans on using his winnings to assist his parents and to purchase a condominium.

Baltimore's couple scoops $2M in the Powerball Lottery

A 47 year-old construction worker and his 44 year-old girlfriend won $2 Million in the December 10th draw of the Powerball Lottery.

The couple usually buys Powerball tickets with Power Play add-on and Mega Millions tickets with Megaplier add-on. They usually set the ticket aside until they're ready to check at their retailer or online. When they heard the news that the winner came from Kelly's Liquors in Baltimore, they immediately checked their numbers online.

“This takes a large burden off of us,” the man said and he can now buy a much-needed new vehicle. The couple said that they like to live simply and that they may travel across the country in the future but no big plans yet.

Frenchman scoops €72M in the Euro Millions

A man from France won €72 Million in the Euro Millions Lottery last December 2.

The man from Northeastern France is an online subscriber but he had stopped checking his numbers.

He didn't realize that he won. He has been carrying his winning ticket in his wallet for almost a month.

Winners have two months to present their tickets.

"It's a story with a happy ending," the man told Francaise des Jeux, who run the lottery in France.

Dreams the Lucky Numbers and wins in the Mega Millions

Emaley and Alex Escalera correctly matched all five main numbers but not the Mega Ball in the November 4th draw of Mega Millions and won $597,993.

“We play, but we don’t check them that often,” Alex said. He just gives the ticket to his wife and she just stashes them in the nightstand.

Alex, a garbage collector dreamed of the winning numbers and has been playing for about a year with those numbers.

The Stockton couple bought their winning ticket at Cigarettes 4 Less in Stockton.

The Escaleras are carefully planning for the future. Help their kids with college, pay off everything they owe and want live in peace.

Retired Electrician wins $1M in the USA Powerball Lottery

Arthur Galanis correctly matched all five main numbers but not the Powerball and won $1 Million in the November 29th draw of the Powerball Lottery.

Galanis from Springville, Virginia bought his winning ticket at the Guston Shell Service Center in Lorton.

The retired electrician does not have any plans yet on his winnings.
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