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Retired woman wins $1M in the Mega Millions

A retired Woodbridge woman correctly matched all five main numbers but not the Mega Ball wins $1 Million on the December 30th draw of the Mega Millions Lottery.

Sandra McDonald bought her winning ticket at the 7-Eleven in Woodbridge. The store will get $10,000 for selling a winning ticket.

She saw the winning numbers on the news but couldn't remember her numbers. She couldn't sleep so she looked at her ticket. “I don’t believe this,” she told lottery officials after she had won.

McDonald plans on paying off her debt and invest her winnings.

Elvis fan scoops the £4M jackpot on the King's birthday

David Hendy and wife Donna, 44 won £4,078,509 in the January 7th draw of the UK National Lottery.

The couple, an Elvis fan won on what would have been the King or Rock and Roll's 80th birthday.

They are planning to move house and take a few family holidays with their 12-year old son, including a trip to Memphis.

David, a sales engineer from a cooling company Fenn Tool Limited, bought his winning ticket at a local post office 3 weeks in advance.

Mr Hendy and his wife, a commercial executive for Johnson & Johnson, said they have yet to decide whether to give up work.

MegaMillions 2nd Prize winner!

Sandra McDonald successfully matched all five main numbers but not the MegaBall and won 2nd Prize Division in the December 30th draw of the Mega Millions.

The retired Woodbridge woman bought her winning ticket at the 7-Eleven in Woodbridge. The store will get 10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

“I saw the winning numbers on the news, and I thought, ‘I don’t remember having those numbers.'"

McDonals plans on paying off her debt and investing her winnings.

Powerball Lottery 2nd Prize winner!

Tom Florio of San Diego along with another ticket won 2nd prize Division of the Powerball lottery last December 27.

He bought his winning ticket the the Vons while on a grocery shopping trip in Northeast San Diego. He successfully matched all five main numbers but not the Powerball.

He plans on using his winnings to pay off some bills and help his son and grandchildren.

Mum wins $471,528.56 in the Australian Lottery

A local mum in Newcomb was one of the 9 winners of the December 27th draw of the Australian Lottery.

For more than a week, the winner was unaware that she'd won $471,528.56.

“I was cleaning out my purse the other day and I discovered I had an old TattsLotto ticket in it,” the stunned winner explained.

“When I checked my TattsLotto entry and realised I’d won first division I started shaking!

“I still can’t believe it now! This is such a great start to 2015! The first thing I plan to do with my TattsLotto prize money is buy a family home.”

The winning ticket was bought in Bellarine Village Lotto in Newcomb.

Beach Street syndicate wins in the Australian Superdraw

A group from Frankston were one of the 11 winners of the First Prize Jackpot $30 Million in the Australian Super draw last January 3.

The group consists of 20 members and was operated by Beach Street Newsagency in Frankston.

Each member will receive $138,984.41. The owner of the Beach Street Newsagency Debra Jones was excited to discover that her outlet had set up the winning group.

“It’s great to know that the first division prize will be shared around by so many people! We’re so happy for all of the winners,” Ms Jones said.

Family of 4 wins $2M in the Powerball Lotto

The Grende family from Fremont County won $2 Million in the December 27th draw of the Powerball Lotto.

Don and Pam Grende bought their winning ticket at the Go-C-Goe in Teton. They opted for a PowerPlay which doubled their prize into $2 Million.

The retired couple, with their sons Dave and Dallas equally split their winnings. Dave and Dallas are now considering retirement now.

Australian Lotto's winner claimed first Division prize

A player in Campbellfield won $471,528.56 in the December 27th draw of the Australian Lotto.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous is one of the 9 winners of that draw. The winning ticket was bought at Campbellfield Lucky Lotto in Campbellfield.

Gordon Huang and Wendy Guo, owners of the Cambellfield Lucky Lotto said, it feels great to know that one of their customers is a winner.

“This is the first division one winning entry we’ve sold since we bought the outlet a few months ago,” Mr Huang said.

“We’re really looking forward to selling more first division winning tickets in the future!”

Golfer wins €66,300 in the UK Lotto on his birthday

A pro golfer won €66,300 in the December 20th draw of the UK Lotto.

David Ray also celebrated his 52nd birthday last December 20, was in absolute shock when he learned of his winnings.

He correctly matched all 5 main numbers plus the bonus ball.

Forgotten ticket wins €350,000 in the Irish Lotto

A County Wexford man won €350,000 in the November 29th draw of the Irish Lotto Plus 1 Draw.

The lucky winner who wishes to remain anonymous bought his winning ticket at Centra in Dublin 12.

He has been carrying his winning ticket for a month before checking it.

'I scanned the ticket in the shop and it said to contact the National Lottery, so I thought there must be a problem with the barcode or something. Then I checked it on the website later. I couldn't believe it!'

He plans on taking some time to get used to his good fortune before planning how to use it.
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