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Listed below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about OSA, our products, and the services our subscribers receive. If your question or concern is not among those answered here, please feel free to contact us either by email or live chat.

Note: If you're already an OSA subscriber, please have your buyer number ready for faster processing of your request.

Q: What is OSA?
A: Overseas Subscribers Agents is a Government-licensed Lottery Service Agency which has been entering subscribers in overseas lotteries for over 18 years. OSA makes it possible for you to enter government lotteries from the convenience of your own home by acting as agents on behalf of lottery players around the world.
Q: Is OSA a legitimate organization?
A: Yes, Overseas Subscribers Agents is a legitimate company which has been entering players into their favorite lotteries since 1988. We have served over 155,000 satisfied customers in the last 18 years and majority of them are still entering their favorite lotteries through us to this day.
Q: What makes OSA unique?
A: Normally it's not easy to join the well-known Government sponsored National Lotteries if you live outside that country. You need to have a friend or relative living in that country to buy the tickets for you and send you the money when you've won. Many either can't do this (because they don't know anyone in those countries) - or they don't want to do this because they prefer to be in control themselves.

This is where OSA steps in. When you enter a Lottery draw through OSA, you do so with complete confidence that your entry money will be entered in full with local Authorized Agents Licensed by Government.

The numbers you select will be matched carefully by our computers with the winning numbers in every Draw and you will be notified when you win. For bigger amounts you are telephoned or emailed immediately. Your winnings are sent to you without charging any commission or fee. What you win is what you keep!
Q: If I subscribe, what services will I receive?
A: OSA does everything it can to provide you efficient and reliable Lotto Entry service.

As soon as your entry form and payment are received, we send you an official acknowledgement/confirmation of your entry. After the draw is held, you will receive the draw results and a prize notification, if you have won. Please note that OSA does not take any commissions from your prize winnings. You may choose to have your winnings sent to by cash, cheque or bank transfer, or use it as credit against your next renewal.
Q: How do I sign up for a subscription?
A: You may enter your Lotto of choice by sending your completed entry form via post, fax or email to OSA. However, for faster processing and confirmation, we encourage you to use the secured entry forms in each of our websites.
Q: How do I pay?
A: We have several payment options available: cash, personal cheque, international money order, bank draft, local or international bank transfer* or any of the following international credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB.

Payments by cash or cheque should be mailed and made payable to: OVERSEAS SUBSCRIBERS AGENTS PO BOX 8246, 3503 RE UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS.

*You may send us an email if you want to make use of our bank transfer option. Some restrictions apply.
Q: Is it safe to enter my personal and credit card details online?
A: Yes, OSA makes sure that all online entries are SSL-Encrypted to protect your privacy and the security of your credit card details. Note that a "locked" icon appears in your browser when you enter a secured site.
Q: Why is OSA's price higher than the actual Draw entry cost?
A: OSA markets different government lotteries outside their home countries and applies a standard "mail-order" mark-up on the price of entry.

In return, OSA processes all entries legally through syndicates/licensed agents; collects and pays out prize winnings on behalf of subscribers, and regularly provides information on winning numbers, sends account statements and prize notifications. All other costs and overhead expenses are covered by the margin charged by OSA over the actual cost of entry -- and once the entry fee is paid, no other charges are necessary. When you win a Lottery prize, OSA takes no commissions or fees whatsoever from your winnings. Whatever you win, you keep it all.
Q: Will OSA send me my lotto tickets?
A: No. We do NOT send actual tickets to players because we need this to claim winnings immediately after the draw. We instead issue our players an "official confirmation" certifying that their numbers will be entered by OSA into the Lottery draw/s they have subscribed to.
Q: How do I know if I've won?
A: You will be sent copies of winning numbers and draw results via e-mail as soon as details become available. The information is also posted in the corresponding website.

When you win, you'll receive a Prize Notification stating the amount you've won. For winnings above US$1,000.00, one of our agents will give you a call to ask how you would like to claim your prize and where--we can send it to any bank you nominate, anywhere in the world.
Q: How do I receive my winnings?
A: Any cash winnings above $200 are normally sent via wire transfer. Winnings below US$200 are sent in the form of a USD cheque or bank draft to your postal address, and winnings below US$10 are sent in cash or credited to your account for future use.
Q: How can I be sure my prize money will be remitted to me? What if I win a multi-million dollar Jackpot, and your Lottery Agent runs off with my winnings?
A: OSA has been entering overseas players into Government Lotteries, and collecting and remitting their prize money (including a UK National Lottery Jackpot of US$24.1 Million in January 2002!) since 1988. There has never been any delay in the remittance of prize money throughout the history of the company - and there never will be.

If, however, you win a multi-million dollar Jackpot, and wish to be completely prudent, you can always choose to travel to the country and claim your prize in person. OSA will extend assistance and service, but travel costs will be at your own expense.
Q: Will OSA charge a commission from my winnings?
A: No. OSA doesn't touch a cent of your winnings. We will collect and send you your winnings in full. The actual prize remittance to the bank of your choice is a FREE SERVICE offered by OSA. You will never be asked by OSA to send money in the form of "processing fees" to claim your prize.
Q: What about taxes?
A: All prize winnings are sent by OSA in full-- and free from government taxes with the exception of US Lotteries.

In the event of a jackpot win, the US Government gives two options for paying out Jackpots: lump sum or installment over a period of 20 plus years. If you prefer a lump sum, you may claim 60% of your jackpot prize and 40% will cover US taxes. However, if you choose the annuity, you will receive the full amount of your jackpot winnings.
Q: If I win, do I have to appear in public?
A: No. OSA ensures that all entry details, winner's names and payouts are kept 100% confidential.
Q: How do I reach OSA?
A: OSA has an Online Help Desk to assist you 24-7. You can browse through our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email and we'll get back to you within the day.
  For more urgent concerns, check out our Live Chat help or Online Call support at the following numbers:
Australia: (61) 073102-37-29
United Kingdom: (44) 0121 288 1053
The Netherlands: (3120) 638-35-19 / 708-41-03
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